Gas Explosion: COPEC Warns Gov’t Not To Depend On Cabinet

Gas Explosion: COPEC Warns Gov’t Not To Depend On Cabinet

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Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) has cautioned government to go beyond cabinet meetings by seeking independent minds with in depth knowledge in petroleum matters to find solutions in dealing with gas explosions that has taken a toll in the country for the past 3years.

Commenting on the back of the assurance given by President Akufo- Addo to see to the finality of gas explosions in the country by meeting with cabinet on Thursday to take decisions that can put a stop to such incidents following an explosion at a gas station at Atomic Junction in Accra Saturday, October 7 which has claimed 7 lives with 132 others injured, the Executive Secretary of COPEC Mr. Duncan Amoah appealed to government not to limit decisions taken on this matter to be that of cabinet alone.

Speaking in an interview with Boamah Darko on Hot93.9fm’s educative ‘Maakye’ program, Mr. Duncan said “Let it not be cabinet discussions alone, some of these cabinet ministers are lawyers, doctors, accountants so they may not appreciate the nitty-gritty that much as cabinet rather, they should sought after proper briefing from independent minds who will assess and identify whether negligence on the part of an institution in charge of such matters led to incidents like this.”

According to him, this disaster may occur another day, if government waits to be briefed by institutions like the National Petroleum Agency(NPA), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and Ghana Standard Authority.

“For things to go well, the cabinet themselves must extend invitation to independent minds and bodies to assess these matters. They should not go and call Ghana Standards Authority or NPA to come and brief cabinet because as to whether these institutions have been able to execute their jobs to perfection, the results are these avoidable incidents. I’m not saying cabinet should not sit on the matter at all– What i’m suggesting is that it shouldn’t be an exclusive cabinet decision.

“Yesterday, there were some ministers I met at the scene and their demeanor shows they were completely ignorant of the issue and you can’t blame them because they have their areas of specialization so you don’t expect them to know about  petroleum matters because they are ministers today but if independent bodies and minds are sought after, such incidents could have been avoided.” He stressed.


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