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Human Right Group, Amnesty International has launched a scathing attack on the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament for calling for the amendment of the country’s laws to completely ban homosexuality and make it illegal.

Speaking at the Royal House Chapel on Monday, February 20, 2017, Prof. Mike Oquaye described homosexuality as despicable and against the country’s culture which cannot be accepted.

He said: “It is unfortunate that people have become so liberal that they will want to liberalise Christianity…even priests are approving of homosexuality and allowing a man and a man [to] marry, a woman and a woman [to] marry and these are manifest abominations.”

“I trust that with your kind of insistence, the Parliament of Ghana…will find its way clear in strengthening the laws to ban homosexuality as they exist. As for this, may God forbid that it becomes a Ghanaian culture,” he added.

The speaker’s call, according to the Executive Director of Amnesty International—Ghana, Frank Doyi, is dangerous and has the tendency of infringing the fundamental and universal rights of those engaged in homosexuality.

He said: “Amnesty International recognizes and appreciates the fact that human rights must be based within our cultural norms and practices. So cultural relativism is something that Amnesty International represent in what we do in terms of promoting and protecting human rights.”

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The Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has accused President Nana Akufo-Addo, of not helping the local garment industry by choosing to wear a suit to deliver his maiden State of the Nation Address.

The President wore a black suit over a white shirt and grey tie on Tuesday, 21 February, when he delivered his maiden address at parliament.

Commenting on the outfit of the President,   Mr. Mornah expressed shock and urged him to be more African in his outlook.

“My son who is sitting at home and watching the President say he is going to ensure the growth of the local garment sector and seeing him come to Parliament dressed in suit;  isn’t he supposed to have worn a local garment instead of the suit, even on his inauguration he wore Kente.

“If the president wants to showcase his readiness for all of us to emulate him, then I think that he must appreciate that when he talks of promoting the local garment industry [and he wants] all of us to be excited about it, then the only way he can ensure that is, he must patronize the local garment”.

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Former Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur has described President Akufo-Addo’s state of the nation address delivered in Parliament Tuesday  as one that contained nothing, but a list of problems.

Nana Akufo-Addo in his address cautioned Ghanaians to get ready for tough times as his government works to revive the weak economy he inherited from the previous NDC administration led by former President John Mahama.

He also disclosed that his predecessor had left a heavily indebted power sector which threatens sustainable power supply.

“The attempts by the previous government to resolve the dumsor crisis have led to a gargantuan debt overhang in the sector…we have inherited a heavily indebted energy sector, with the net debt reaching 2.4 billion US dollars as at December 2016.

“I have to point out the alarming fact that 800 million US dollars of this debt is owed to local banks, which threatens their stability. Huge indebtedness of the energy sector constitutes the single major hurdle to Ghanaians enjoying reliable and affordable electricity supply,” the President said.

“It was quite good and a statement of the problems that the country faced, I’m not sure whether he told us how he was going to solve them because he stated many problems and I don’t get the sense  of where the direction he wants to go”.

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The Deputy Minority leader says he would not “trust” statistics about Ghana’s economy churned out by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) because they are compromised.

James Klutsey Avedzi claimed the Britton Wood institution has been holding meetings with now Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to verify the facts about the country’s economy under erstwhile President John Mahama.

Speaking to Joy FM uesday, the Ketu North Member of Parliament (MP) said he would trust the Ghana Statistical Services (GSS) than to latch on the IMF figures about the country.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said by the end of 2016, Ghana’s debt stock had risen to GH¢122 billion representing about 74 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) despite the denials by the Mahama-led government.

He was emphatic that more debt was accumulated by the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) government than all other governments put together since independence.

“In fact, 92% of Ghana’s total debt stock was incurred in the last eight years under the previous government,” he said, adding the interest costs on the debt has also increased estimated to be GH¢14.1 billion in 2017.

He also said the former President could not meet all the targets under the IMF programme as at December 2016.

“Fiscal indiscipline, once again, reared its head in the 2016 election year. Total projected expenditure for 2016 was GH¢43.9 billion (26% of GDP), but actual expenditure amounted to GH¢50.3 billion (30.2% of GDP),” he said.

President Akufo-Addo added the total revenue target set for 2016 estimated at GH¢37.9 billion (22.7% of GDP) rather ended up with GH¢33.2 billion (19.9% of GDP).

But NDC MPs have registered their disappointment in what they described as the “pick and choose” manner the President used figures about the economy.

Mr Avedzi disagreed with President Akufo-Addo on GH¢122 billion public debts accumulated under the NDC government saying it is a nominal figure that does not create the full picture of the situation.

Nonetheless, he said what should have attracted the attention of the President is what the loans contracted under former President Mahama were used for.

He said the NDC MPs would come out with a statement about the true State of the Nation Address which will touch on their achievements in the coming days.

Source: Joy News

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Ever since one of the most sensational female musicians of our time; Salti Paulette released her nude promotional pictures for her newest single track; ‘Go Crazy’, many ungodly asseverations pertaining to her private life have unfolded.

One of such ignominious asseverations is that, the ‘Go Crazy’ hit maker has dated over 1000 men.

According to checks made by razzonline.com, most of these men come in the name of supporting her music career only to end up sleeping with her.

But speaking in an exclusive interview with Dr.who of Accra-based Hot 93.9fm, Salti Paulette denied the asseveration by asking Dr.Who whether she is a sex machine to have dated over 1000 men:

” Hahaha…eii.. hahaha..Is there any lady in this world who can do that?..how old is she?..does she change the men every day?..where did you hear such a concocted allegation from?…Me dating over 1000 men–Why am i a sex machine…hahaha..No! though am a young beautiful lady and yes many guys including elderly people asks me out,  it doesn’t mean I accept all their proposals.This is not true and can never be true”. Salti Paulette told Dr.Who with much humour.

Upon persuasion to reveal the number of men she has dated, Salti Paulette, surprisingly delineated again with much humour to Dr.Who that,”.oh chaley… my husband to be is listening oo…ok..just a couple of guys…oh why are you pushing me …hahahahah”.

Salti Paulette, whose newest single, ‘Go Crazy’ is currently enjoying massive airplay, shot to fame after contesting in the maiden popular TV3 reality show;Mentor 1– with the likes of Okuraseni Samuel, Andy,Hakeem,Ruth,Isaac,Martin etc.

Kindly Listen to ‘Go Crazy’ below!

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The immediate past Chief Executive Officer of the COCOBOD, Dr. Stephen Opuni has had his bank accounts frozen pending investigations into his leadership at the national produce buying board.

There had been allegations of malfeasance, mainly by members of the New Patriotic Party, against his administration, while others threatened he would be among the first of officials of the erstwhile National Democratic Congress government to face trial for untold infractions.

He persisted in denials of any wrongdoing.

The New Patriotic Party government on Thursday January 12, 2017 ordered Dr. Opuni to vacate his post by close of work Friday, January 13, 2017.

He was appointed CEO of COCOBOD in 2013.

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President Nana Akufo-Addo on Tuesday endured what could aptly be described as a ‘baptism of taunts’ when he appeared before Parliament to deliver his first State of the Nation Address since assuming the presidency following his December 2016 electoral victory.

For a number of occasions, the president had to sidetrack his address to respond to jibes hurled in his way by the minority, who in spite of their numerical disadvantage, appeared to shout loudest with their taunts.

When the President painted a picture of the gloomy state of the economy he says the predecessor government left behind, members of the minority protested with shouts of “eei, eei” to cast doubts on the president’s claims.

To the doubting voices, however, President Akufo-Addo responded, albeit momentarily, that the Minority appeared to have a problem with the truth.

“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker, it appears my friends on the Minority have a problem with facts”, he retorted.

Then in another instance, the minority ‘protested vehemently’ at the facts as the president presented them, and when their voices went up in protest, he retorted once again, “I will have my say”.

Then again when the president announced that the energy challenges facing the country are far from over and that his proposed solutions would include a reclassification of energy consumers to provide some relief for lifeline and industry consumers, there were shouts of “when”, “dab?n” (Twi for when), from the minority end, to which the president would reply – “this is not a budget statement”, his response setting the entire house and himself, into bouts of laughter.

Indeed every president who appears before parliament particularly to deliver the State of the Nation has had to endure the jibes and catcalls from the minorities’ end, with the majority members, as in this instance, cheering him with shouts of “hear, hear” to offer the assurance that he was not alone.

Debate of the SONA is set for Thursday, February 23.

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New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has described as total embarrassment bribery allegation levelled against the Appointment Committee in Parliament by some NDC MPs.

He is of the firm conviction that those alleging have no basis and have only connived to destroy the Joseph Osei-Owusu led Vetting Committee.

“I have listened to them and I think it’s rather an embarrassment to the NDC members because if you pay critical attention, you will realise that Mahama Ayariga and his cohorts are just confused and framing things up,” he said.

The outspoken MP was speaking on Adom TV’s Morning Show “Badwam” Tuesday.

The Energy Minister was alleged to have bribed minority MPs on the committee with GHC3000 each. The supposed bribe was said to have been channelled through Chairman of the Committee, Joe Osei-Wusu, and Minority Chief Whip, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka.

However, Mr Agyarko, Hon. Joe Osei-Wusu and Hon. Muntaka Mubarak have all denied the allegation before the five-member ad-hoc committee probing the damning bribery scandal.

But Mahama Ayariga claimed on Monday during the hearing that he was clear in his mind when Majority Chief Whip Muntaka Mubarak disclosed to him the money was from Boakye Agyarko.

But Mr Kennedy Agyapong called for a strict investigation into the matter even after the committee has finished their work.

“Yes we have a committee investigating the matter, but the issue is very serious and needs to be investigated even if the committee is done with their investigation because we need to get to the bottom of this matter,” he stressed.

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Minority Leader and Tamale South MP Haruna Iddrisu has a bright political future ahead of him, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said.

Mr Iddrisu entered parliament for the first time in 2005 after winning the seat in the 2004 elections, the year Mr Akufo-Addo exited parliament as legislator.

Delivering his maiden State of the Nation Address in parliament on Tuesday February 21, Mr Akufo-Addo, while commending the leadership of both sides of parliament, said: “I commend also the Majority Leader, my contemporary in this House who can now put his extensive experience of parliament to use as leader of the house and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.

“My compliment goes to the new Minority Leader Honourable Haruna Iddrisu, who announced himself on the national stage when he came here in my last term in the House. It is clear that he has an important future in Ghanaian politics.

“I want to assure him and the leadership of the House on both sides that I will cooperate fully with parliament to enhance the governance of our nation to be able to do the business of Ghana effectively.”

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President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, delivered his maiden state of the nation address before Parliament in accordance with Article 67 of the 1992 Constitution.

His address covered several pertinent issues including how bad the economy is.

According to him “Ghana’s debt stock now stands at 74% of GDP, after all the previous denials to the contrary,” Nana Akufo-Addo said, adding: “As of the beginning of 2009, Ghana’s total debt stock was GHS9.5 billion. By the end of 2016, the debt had ballooned to GHS122 billion.”

The President revealed that “Ghana’s finances are quite stark as a result of policy choices” and that “we find ourselves in a situation where Ghana’s total revenue is consumed by three main budgetary lines. Wages and salaries, interest and payments and amortisation and statutory payments…This means that anything else that government has to do outside of these lines would have to be financed by borrowing or aid.”

Nonetheless, he gave the promise that the economy will not collapse under his watch.

“After eight years of the previous government, there is practically no fiscal space left…We cannot continue this way with our public finances. I will not allow this economy to collapse under my watch” he assured.


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Human Right Group, Amnesty International has launched a scathing attack on the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament for calling for the amendment of the country’s...